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Going by the population, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States of America. Since its foundation in 1837, it has witnessed massive growth resulting in higher transportation needs. Currently, the city is a center for commerce, industry and commerce. Original designers of the city envisioned a transportation city. Therefore, its location between the Mississippi river and great lakes was conceived with the ease of mobility in mind. Given that the city is located in the mid Midwestern, it has turned into a hub connecting the western seaboard states with the eastern states. Essentially, the city is a hub receiving an impressionable traffic each day.

Chicago Auto Collision Repair Services 

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Transportation In Chicago

Air transport is a major way of transport in the city of Chicago. The region is served by numerous international airports. One of the most notable international airports is the O’Hare airport. The airport is currently under expansion promising a larger volume of passengers and goods. O’Hare airport has been designated as an international hub. The second busiest airport is Chicago Midway International Airport. The airport has the capacity to handle international airports but it has been reserved for the domestic flights. In addition to the two major airports, there are various private airstrips and airports.

The highway system in Chicago is the main way of moving around. The original design of the streets was made to resemble a grid. Later, the diagonal streets were added increasing the ease of movement from one place to the other. The city of Chicago also has an intricate network of interstates. In total, the city boasts of seven interstate highways. Inner city movement is often attained through the private or public means. For first timers in Chicago, the public means of transport is ideal.

Public transport is managed by the Chicago Transit Authority. The authority operated on a 24/7 basis providing a convenient way of moving from one location to the other. The authority links the metropolitan area to 40 suburbs in the surrounding. The city of Chicago also has a well-established rail service. The rail services offered by the Northeastern Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad are often preferred since they vary according to the zoning hence it can be a better alternative when one makes a comparison to the existing services. Different stations located in various counties increase the convenience. The company offers the special service during the rush hour to reduce instances of congestion in the city as other means of transportation are compromised.